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Interviews by Ned Bouhalassa

In 1992–93, Ned Bouhalassa interviewed over 40 composers who were from or active in Canada, meeting with them in Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal, Quebec City, and Marseille (France). These encounters — from fifteen minutes to an hour and a half — were done by Ned as primary research for the creation of a six-hour radio programme on electroacoustic activity in Canada.

The composers talked about their first encounters with electroacoustics, and provided background and anecdotes on the activities in various centres in Canada. They also talked about their own contributions to and involvement in the growth of the electroacoustic community in Canada. The project was commissioned by the Music Gallery and the radio shows gave a broad overview of the history of electroacoustic activities and education in Canada, locally, regionally and nationally.

Hour 1: Vancouver
Hours 2–3: Toronto
Hours 4–5: Montréal
Hour 6: Independent Composers and the Younger Generation

The original interviews have been transferred and are published for the first time in their entirety in eContact! 10.2 — Interviews (1). Click on the names below to go to the page with the composer biography and a link to the original audio recording.

The full list of interviewees published here is as follows:

Kristi Allik, István Anhalt, Kevin Austin, Sergio Barroso, Wende Bartley, Christian Calon, CEE by James Montgomery, John Celona, Gustav Ciamaga, Yves Daoust, Bruno Degazio, Jean-François Denis, Marcelle Deschênes, Francis Dhomont, Paul Dolden, Susan Frykberg, Keith Hamel, David Jaeger, Bentley Jarvis, Otto Joachim, David Keane, Larry Lake, alcides lanza, Trudi Le Caine, Daniel Leduc, Michel Longtin, Al Mattes, Phillipe Ménard, Charles de Mestral, James Montgomery, Robert Normandeau, Jean Piché, Hélène Prévost, Gisèle Ricard, Myke Roy, Stéphane Roy, Daniel Scheidt, Claude Schryer, Randy Smith, Paul Steenhuisen, Marc Tremblay, Barry Truax, Hildegard Westerkamp, Gayle Young.

Kristi Allik

17 min.

István Anhalt

59 min.

Kevin Austin

McGill studios; Metamusic. 17 min.

Sergio Barroso

In Vancouver. 44 min.

Wende Bartley

21 min.

Christian Calon
In Marseille, France. 30 min.

John Celona

33 min.

Gustav Ciamaga

On Hugh Le Caine. In Toronto. 34 min.

Yves Daoust

58 min.

Charles de Mestral

49 min.

Bruno Degazio

26 min.

Jean-François Denis

42 min.

Marcelle Deschênes

29 min.

Francis Dhomont

In Marseille, France. 45 min.

Paul Dolden

In Vancouver. 1 hr. 39 min.

Susan Frykberg

24 min.

Keith Hamel

19 min.

David Jaeger

34 min.

Bentley Jarvis

19 min.

Otto Joachim

“Electronic Music does not exist anyway, it’s music by electronic means.” In Vancouver. 37 min.

David Keane
In Vancouver. 53 min.

Larry Lake

29 min.

alcides lanza

13 min.

Trudi Le Caine

On Hugh Le Caine, the person. In Ottawa, at Trudi Le Caine’s home 28 min.

Daniel Leduc

18 min.

Michel Longtin

19 min.

Al Mattes

25 min.

Phillipe Ménard

42 min.

James Montgomery

On Hugh Le Caine. In Toronto. 18 min.

James Montgomery / Canadian Electronic Ensemble (CEE)

In Toronto. 20 min.

Robert Normandeau

24 min.

Jean Piché

48 min.

Hélène Prévost

23 min.

Gisèle Ricard

45 min.

Myke Roy

26 min.

Stéphane Roy

29 min.

Daniel Scheidt

22 min.

Claude Schryer

33 min.

Randy Smith

16 min.

Paul Steenhuisen

In Vancouver. 14 min.

Marc Tremblay

25 min.

Barry Truax

At the Department of Communications, Simon Fraser University. 1 hr. 12 min.

Hildegard Westerkamp

In Vancouver. 40 min.

Gayle Young

On Hugh Le Caine’s instruments. In Toronto. 31 min.

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