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Interview with Al Mattes

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Listen to the original audio recording of the interview :

Al Mattes received a BA from the University of Manitoba (1964), and a BFA from York University (1975). He was the managing director of the Association of Non-Profit Artist-Run Centres (ANNPAC) from 1977–81. With CCMC cohort Peter Anson, Al Mattes founded the Music Gallery in Toronto, and was its executive and artistic director from 1975–87. He was also the artistic director of the Inter-Arts department of the Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta. A founding member of the CEC, he was a member of the CEC’s Board of Directors from 1990–89, serving as President from 1994–97. Mattes was pivotal in the making of the CEC’s Journées Électro Radio Days festival, in December 1993. JERD was the first nationwide non-profit community-based radio festival, and linked Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver by broad band-width telephone lines, and involved live-to-air performances and interactive ea/cm. Since 2000 he is Patron of the CEC. [Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC), 2008]

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