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À propos de ce numéro / About this Issue

Avant-propos / Editorial

Visit each interviewer’s page for a list of interviews given by them and links to the individual interviews (audio and/or text). See below for a full list of interviewees found in this issue.

Featured Contributor: Kalvos & Damian

From 1995–2005, Dennis Báthory-Kitsz and David Gunn hosted K&D’s New Music Bazaar, a “chronicle of the non-pop revolution” in the form of a weekly radio show on WGDR. Guests were common and from a range of backgrounds. Here we feature over 40 interviews extracted from various shows over the years, in audio format and with new text transcriptions.

Charles Amirkhanian, Laurie Anderson, Jon Appleton, Marc Battier, David Behrman, Henning Berg, Peter Beyls, James Bohn, Matt Borghi, Chris Brown, Warren Burt, Claudio Calmens, Joel Chadabe, Nicolas Collins, Chris deLaurenti, Eliot Handelman, Brenda Hutchinson, Scott Johnson, Udo Kasemets, Phil Kline, Chris Koenigsberg, Yannis Kyriakides, Anne La Berge, John Levin, Eric Lyon, sylvi macCormac, John McGuire, Elma Miller, Pauline Oliveros, John Oswald, Maggi Payne, Sarah Peebles, Larry Polansky, Eliane Radigue, Moniek Darge and Godfried-Willem Raes, Neil Rolnick, Kaija Saariaho, Barry Schrader, Ann Southam, Laurie Spiegel, Carl Stone, Fred Szymanski, James Tenney, George Todd, Pamela Z, Richard Zvonar.

Featured Contributor: Ned Bouhalassa

In 1992–93, Ned Bouhalassa interviewed over 40 composers who were from or active in Canada. Done as primary source materials for a series of radio shows, these interviews offer excellent insight into the growth and development of electroacoustic activities and education in Canada, locally, regionally and nationally. [audio: flash/mp3]

Kristi Allik, István Anhalt, Kevin Austin, Sergio Barroso, Wende Bartley, Christian Calon, CEE by James Montgomery, John Celona, Gustav Ciamaga, Yves Daoust, Bruno Degazio, Jean-François Denis, Marcelle Deschênes, Francis Dhomont, Paul Dolden, Susan Frykberg, Keith Hamel, David Jaeger, Bentley Jarvis, Otto Joachim, David Keane, Larry Lake, alcides lanza, Trudi Le Caine, Daniel Leduc, Michel Longtin, Al Mattes, Phillipe Ménard, Charles de Mestral, James Montgomery, Robert Normandeau, Jean Piché, Hélène Prévost, Gisèle Ricard, Myke Roy, Stéphane Roy, Daniel Scheidt, Claude Schryer, Randy Smith, Paul Steenhuisen, Marc Tremblay, Barry Truax, Hildegard Westerkamp, Gayle Young.

Other Interviewers

John Palmer

John Palmer in conversation with several composers and musicians, offering insight into their activities, æsthetics, working methods, personal interests and more.

Lawrence Casserley, Simon Emmerson, Luc Ferrari, Vinko Globokar, Jonathan Harvey, Folkmar Hein, Jonty Harrison, Nuria Schoenberg Nono, Daniel Teruggi.

CMC — Influences of Many Musics project

Influences of Many Musics is an interactive web-based project created by the Canadian Music Centre which features the lives and works of 40 Canadian composers of international origin.

alcides lanza, David Ogborn, Eldad Tsabary, Hildegard Westerkamp.

Various Authors

Paul Lansky: Room to Move
interview by Jason Uechi

Lansky talks about the “early days” of computer music and about the computer as a tool used towards musical ends, rather than as an end in itself. He talks of an approach to composing which allows the listener to participate and about recent projects. Includes supporting audio examples. Princeton NJ, 14 April 1995.

An Interview with Kim Cascone
by Ben Nevile

In addition to the experimental 70s San Francisco scene and his own working methods, Cascone offers good historical insight into the changing market and gear needed for performance through the 70s–90s.

Douglas Henderson
interviewed by Frank Gertich

During this DAAD Berlin Guest Composer Portrait, Henderson talks about a number of his electroacoustic works, which are typically composed for specific listening environments rather than for loudspeaker reproduction. Includes supporting audio examples. Tesla (Berlin), 20 November 2007. Duration: 1:52:00.

Previously Published in eContact! / CEC Publications

History of Concordia University’s Electroacoustic Program and Concert Series —
Kevin Austin interviewed by Ian Chuprun

Concordia University’s programme and history, the EuCuE series, Meta Music, CECG/GEC, live electronic improv, the founding of the CEC and much more. In eContact! 4.4 — EuCuE (Électroacoustique université Concordia university Electroacoustics) (2001–02). Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Montréal, 31 October 2001. Duration: approx. 3hrs [audio: mp3].

Round Table with Michelle Boudreau, Robert Normandeau and Myke Roy
by Roxane du Berger and Kevin Austin

In Bulletin CEC Newsletter 5 (March 1988), pp. 8–11. Montréal, 20 December 1987. [E / F]

John Celona in Interview
by Kevin Austin

In Bulletin CEC Newsletter 4 (November 1987), pp. 11–15. Early September 1987. [E / F]

Marcelle Deschênes in Interview
by Roxane du Berger

In Bulletin CEC Newsletter 2 (February 1987), pp. 15–19. [E / F]

Steven Feld on Rainforest Soundwalks
interviewed by Carlos Palombini

An Anthropology of Music project showing Feld’s “distinctive way of listening absorbed through years of being in the Bosavi forests.” In eContact! 4.3 — Promenade sonore / Soundwalk (2001–02).

Keith Hamel and Bruce Pennycook in Interview
by Kevin Austin

In Bulletin CEC Newsletter 3 (May 1987), pp. 10–14. [E / F]

Otto Joachim in Interview
by Michael Gericke

In Bulletin CEC Newsletter 1 (November 1986), pp. 11–13. [E / F]

Al Mattes: The Musician; The Administrator
interviewed by Kevin Austin

In Bulletin CEC Newsletter 6 (June 1988), pp. 9–12. Banff, 15 September 1987. [E / F]

Robert Normandeau
interviewed by Ned Bouhalassa

An informal discussion with Normandeau around the changes to his work since he began working in 8-channels. In eContact! 2.4 — Diffusion multicanal / Multi-Channel Diffusion (1999–2000).


A number of further interviews are listed in the CEC’s WIKI. This “living” resource will continue to grow, with links to interviews online as well as listing interviews found only in print. Your contributions are invited!


[COMMUNITY REPORTS] Nova Scotia by Steven Naylor

Reviews, Previews and New Releases

[REPORT] Mutek 2008 (Montréal, May 2008) by Greg J. Smith

[PREVIEW] Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium 2008 (7–9 August 2008)

Other Items

Works by some authors and / or artists in this issue can be heard in, the CEC’s online electroacoustic jukebox:

Dennis Báthory-Kitsz
Ned Bouhalassa
Ian Chuprun
Steven Naylor

Also see Full List of Interviewees below for further links to SONUS.

Full List of Interviewees in this Issue

Names in bold indicate Canadian artists or content related to Canada.

Interviewers are indicated in parentheses: KD = Kalvos & Damian; NB = Ned Bouhalassa; JP = John Palmer; CMC = Canadian Music Centre; CEC = Previous CEC Publications; var. = other.

Linked names indicate works by the interviewee in

Allik, Kristi (NB)
Amirkhanian, Charles (KD)
Anderson, Laurie (KD)
Anhalt, Istvan (NB)
Appleton, Jon (KD)
Austin, Kevin (NB)
Austin, Kevin (CEC)
Barroso, Sergio (NB)
Bartley, Wende (NB)
Battier, Marc (KD)
Behrman, David (KD)
Berg, Henning (KD)
Beyls, Peter (KD)
Bohn, James (KD)
Borghi, Matt (KD)
Boudreau, Michelle, Robert Normandeau and Myke Roy (CEC)
Brown, Chris (KD)
Burt, Warren (KD)
Calmens, Claudio (KD)
Calon, Christian (NB)
Cascone, Kim (var.)
Casserley, Lawrence (JP)
CEE / Montgomery, James (NB)
Celona, John (NB)
Celona, John (CEC)
Chadabe, Joel (KD)
Ciamaga, Gustav (NB)
Collins, Nicolas (KD)
Daoust, Yves (NB)
de Mestral, Charles (NB)
Degazio, Bruno (NB)
deLaurenti, Chris (KD)
Denis, Jean-François (NB)
Deschênes, Marcelle (NB)
Deschênes, Marcelle (CEC)
Dhomont, Francis (NB)
Dolden, Paul (NB)
Emmerson, Simon (JP)
Feld, Steven (CEC)
Ferrari, Luc (JP)
Frykberg, Susan (NB)
Globokar, Vinko (JP)
Handelman, Eliot (KD)
Hamel, Keith (NB)
Hamel, Keith and Bruce Pennycook (CEC)
Harrison, Jonty (JP)
Harvey, Jonathan (JP)
Hein, Folkmar (JP)
Henderson, Douglas (var.)
Hutchinson, Brenda (KD)
Jaeger, David (NB)
Jarvis, Bentley (NB)
Joachim, Otto (NB)
Joachim, Otto (CEC)
Johnson, Scott (KD)
Kasemets, Udo (KD)
Keane, David (NB)
Kline, Phil (KD)
Koenigsberg, Chris (KD)
Kyriakides, Yannis (KD)
La Berge, Anne (KD)
Lake, Larry (NB)
Lansky, Paul (var.)
lanza, alcides (CMC)
lanza, alcides (NB)
Le Caine, Trudi (NB)
Leduc, Daniel (NB)
Levin, John (KD)
Longtin, Michel (NB)
Lyon, Eric (KD)
macCormac, sylvi (KD)
Mattes, Al (NB)
Mattes, Al (CEC)
McGuire, John (KD)
Ménard, Phillipe (NB)
Miller, Elma (KD)
Montgomery, James (NB)
Normandeau, Robert (NB)
Normandeau, Robert (CEC)
Normandeau, Robert, Michelle Boudreau and Myke Roy (CEC)
Ogborn, David
Oliveros, Pauline (KD)
Oswald, John (KD)
Payne, Maggi (KD)
Peebles, Sarah (KD)
Pennycook, Bruce and Keith Hamel (CEC)
Piché, Jean (NB)
Polansky, Larry (KD)
Prévost, Hélène (NB)
Radigue, Eliane (KD)
Raes, Godfried-Willem and Moniek Darge / Logos Foundation (KD)
Ricard, Gisèle (NB)
Rolnick, Neil (KD)
Roy, Myke (NB)
Roy, Myke, Michelle Boudreau and Robert Normandeau (CEC)
Roy, Stéphane
Saariaho, Kaija (KD)
Scheidt, Daniel (NB)
Schoenberg Nono, Nuria (JP)
Schrader, Barry (KD)
Schryer, Claude (NB)
Smith, Randy (NB)
Southam, Ann (KD)
Spiegel, Laurie (KD)
Steenhuisen, Paul (NB)
Stone, Carl (KD)
Szymanski, Fred (KD)
Tenney, James (KD)
Teruggi, Daniel (JP)
Todd, George (KD)
Tsabary, Eldad (CMC)
Tremblay, Marc (NB)
Truax, Barry (NB)
Westerkamp, Hildegard (NB)
Westerkamp, Hildegard (CMC)
Young, Gayle (NB)
Z, Pamela (KD)
Zvonar, Richard (KD)


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The CEC thanks the Canada Council’s Writing & Publishing Section for supporting the journal since its launch in 1997, and the SOCAN Foundation for their assistance through the Core Funding Programme.

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