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The Canadian Music Centre

The “Influences of Many Musics” Project

Influences of Many Musics is an interactive web-based project created by the Canadian Music Centre which features the lives and works of 40 Canadian composers of international origin. The composers responded to questions concerning the nature of their heritage as well as its impact on the music they create, and the closely-related issues of cultural and musical identity.

The following transcripts from Mary Ingraham’s contact with electroacoustic composers are published integrally for the first time in this issue of eContact! More on the Influences of Many Musics project can be found on their website.

Interview with alcides lanza

Social and musical aspects of a very vibrant Argentinian culture — itself in part influenced by European cultures — are important factors in lanza’s work. He talks about his efforts in promoting and documenting the music of the Americas. November 2006.

Interview with David Ogborn

Ogborn considers himself to be “a ‘traveler’ more than an Australian or a Canadian”; a broad range of interests and activities — playing in various types of bands, soundscape composition, jazz and free improv, etc. — clearly reflects this comment.

Interview with Eldad Tsabary

A great diversity of cultures and religions and a fusion of musical styles can be found in Israel, and Tsabary “always sought ways to bridge [the] gaps and to point out similarities rather than differences.” Canada has provided his compositions with “the best cultural conditions to shape and grow coherently.”

Interview with Hildegard Westerkamp

Growing up in post-war Germany, Westerkamp found it easier to “let creative impulses emerge” on the west coast of Canada, which — in part due to the founding of the World Soundscape Project — was a “highly energetic, experimental and creative atmosphere” in the late 60s and early 70s. January 2007.

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