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2001-02 ÉuCuE 20th Anniversary Concert Series

To celebrate 20 years of concerts (over 100 concerts with more than 1000 pieces performed) ÉuCuE invited past presenters and teachers in the Concordia electroacoustic program to each prepare and present a concert of electroacoustic works. These invited 'curators' were asked to prepare a short program note and then to speak at the concert, both about the pieces and to reflect out loud on their time working at Concordia.

As the CEC has had a close working relationship with ÉuCuE, a number of concerts were proposed that were to highlight some of the elements which are important to the organization (ex. international ties and support for the younger generation).

ÉuCuE October 2001

ÉuCuE November 2001

ÉuCuE February 2002

ÉuCuE March 2002

Student Projects in honor of the 2002 celebrations

Due to the student production schedules, these projects will not be made available until May 2002.

Other student projects

Nicolas Basque - Polyèdres
Melina Bondy - Words in Progress
Jef Chippewa - DUO
Jason Delis - Journeyman
Yves Gigon - Cercle visqueux / Crickpet
Gary Hillier - blinddrives
Gary Hillier - dance piece #1
Andrea Holtslander - Steam, Billow
Matt Kober - Gaseous Porpoise / Meat
Matthew Kober - July 11, 1990 (for the Seventh Generation)
Sophia Male - Water is Falling
Lindsay Manning - Bird's-Eye View
Payam Montazami - Air Pocket
Daniel Romano - Chaffinch / Cosmos
Daniel Romano - Noon
Karine Savard - GIA 1.0
Karine Savard - untitled
Warren Spicer - The Singing of a Speaking Summer Swelter
Warren Spicer - I’ll distract myself while you cry like a boxer tears

A number of histories of Canadian Electroacoustics can be viewed here:

Concordia University / Université Concordia

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