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Comptes Rendus - In Review

Frantic-Mid_Atlantic by Evelyn Ficarra — Anna Rubin

Acousmatica — Howard Fredrics

Drawn Inward — Colby Leider


Bar Atlantis — Tom Wallace

Score of Point-virgule (electro-clip by Jean-François Denis) — Rajmil Fischman

Karlheinz Stockhausen's Kontakte and Narrativity — John Dack

Jonathan Harvey — John Palmer

2nd Sonic Arts Network Conference — Mathew Adkins

Searching for Critical Mass — Ian Chuprun

Vidéo - Video

Zoetrope — Joseph Hyde

Extraits sonores - Sounds

My Beautiful Toastrack — Judith Taylor

Catching the Fall — Steve Benner

Crabfish — John Levack Drever

Lacanau — Lisa Whistlecroft

Living Steam — Nye Parry

Pangea — Diego Garro

Squirt & Altered Images — Pete Stollery

Superstrings — Adrian Moore

Wolfi — Jo Thomas


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