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Wolfi (1999) - Sound Animation

The ideas behind Wolfi came to me when I was captivated by an extremely good vocal recording. The vocalist in question acted out the story of Red Riding Hood. Instantly I felt a necessity to capture the interesting and engaging qualities, which she showed in her acting.

I think of Wolfi as a Sound Animation, using a combination of recorded text and sound images to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Fragments of text were chosen through a selection process based on cause and effect relationships. Most important were elements of pitch alliteration, natural volume curves and timbre, combining with information conveyed directly by the text.

Wolfi seems to have two sound worlds. The sound world at the beginning of the work is devoid of any recognition of the vocal source. However this world takes fundamental behavioural and physiological characteristics of the vocal recording such as timbre, morphological structure, humour, refinement and spontaneity.

The other is the world, which our ears readily identify as human speech.

Through the act of speech and recognisable text the story of the Fairy tale is shaped.

It is when the two separate worlds meet that they can explore Sound imagery. Red Riding Hood cries towards the end: "Ah the Wolf is going to eat me", running parallel to crescendo's and glissandi which could in turn describe feelings of anxiety and terror.

Many thanks to Sara.

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