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ix 1999


Superstrings --- dedicated to my father
Duration 12'23

Clip taken from the end of the work.

Superstrings was recorded and composed entirely at The University of Sheffield in 1998/1999. It uses natural string sounds: those made from the piano and harpsicord, predominantly harmonics and gestures made by scraping the strings with the hands and other objects. In addition there are passages of a more melodic nature - single notes, clusters, strings of pseudo-random walks and harmonic passages being played either by hand or with the help of a MIDI Disklavier.

Superstrings resides in a world of pitched and pulsed sections and drifts from the real into the unreal. The sectional nature of the work is highlighted by two similar but contrasting pulsed passages 'coloured' and articulated with other sounds. Repetition of other material leads to further understanding of the hierachies of sound that made up the work.

Superstrings as a word relates to the scientific theory of matter. All matter is made up of superstrings that are multi-dimensional and wave-like in nature. Imagine a nebula where energy and matter colide in a sea of light and heat. The soundworld of Superstrings pulses with this raw energy.

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