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JTTP 2017

18th Jeu de temps / Times Play

Winners | Submissions | Events | Awards | Jury

Recent works by young and/or emerging composers and sound artists from or living in Canada are featured in the 18th edition of Jeu de temps / Times Play, coordinated annually by the CEC since 2000. JTTP 2017 events include a special concert in the 3rd Sea of Sound Festival, held in Edmonton in April 2018.

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JTTP 2017 winners (left to right): Samuel Béland, Pierre-Luc Lecours, Xavier Madore, Xavier Ménard, Pierre-Luc Senécal. [Click images to enlarge]

Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP) is an annual project aimed at supporting and encouraging new electroacoustic works by young and/or emerging sound artists from / living in Canada. A diverse international jury selects five prize-winning works. A focus issue of eContact! features all submissions to the project, and a number of international radio broadcasts and concert performances are coordinated each year. Several past winners have gone on to win prizes in other renowned electroacoustic competitions internationally, such as Bourges, Métamorphoses and the SOCAN Foundation Awards.

About This Issue


  1. Xavier Madore — Les loges de la suite (2017 / 11:11)
  2. Pierre-Luc Lecours — Éclats | Blanc (2015 / 10:19)
  3. Pierre-Luc Senécal — Urban Gardens (2017 / 11:25)
  4. Samuel Béland — Naïca (2017 / 7:35), videomusic
  5. Xavier Ménard — Fragmentation(s) (2017 / 6:50)

The JTTP 2017 Photo Album contains images of the winners and pictures taken at events where winning Jeu de temps / Times Play works were presented.

Participants and Submissions

A total of 35 recent works by composers living in Canada, the UK and Norway were submitted to JTTP 2017. Here you can read the programme notes and composer bios for all submissions or just sit back and enjoy the pieces — acousmatic and videomusic works, and more!

Events, Concerts and Radio Broadcasts

Over the course of the 2017–18 year, several events feature selected works from JTTP 2017. This year’s international JTTP concert takes place in the 3rd Sea of Sound Festival, co-produced by BEAMS — Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society and the University of Alberta.

Awards, Project Partners and Support

Each year a broad range of individuals and institutions, in Canada as well as abroad, offer a generous amount of support that is essential to the success of JTTP. Additionally, donations form extensive prize packages given to the composers of the top 5 placing works.


This year’s international jury was made up of 33 individuals having a variety of backgrounds and experiences: composers, performers, representatives from various international bodies, radio personalities, electroacoustic educators, as well as past JTTP prize winners.

Kevin Austin
Andre Bartetzki
David Berezan
Myriam Boucher
Carmen Braden
Magdalena Buchwald
Rainer Bürck
Raylene Campbell
Sammy Chien
Darren Copeland
John Levack Drever
Ivan Elezovic
Gordon Fitzell
Barbara Golden
Hanna Hartman
Folkmar Hein
Hideko Kawamoto
Yota Kobayashi
Félix Lachance
Emilie Cecilia LeBel
Adrian Moore
Rick Nance
James O’Callaghan
Maggi Payne
Shawn Pinchbeck
Guillermo Pozzati
Hélène Prévost
Laurie Radford
Alistair Riddell
Ana Maria Rodriguez
Remy Siu
Nancy Tam
Annette Vande Gorne
Fondation SOCAN

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