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New Adventures in Sound Art

Photo by Stefan Rose


Deep Wireless 2002: A Celebration of Radio Art (April 2002)

Radio Programs

Program Notes

Artist Biographies

Radio Art Companion to Deep Wireless 2002 (April 2002)

by Nadene Thériault-Copeland and Darren Copeland


Radio Culture
by Jacki Apple

An Introduction to Acoustic Ecology
by Kendall Wrightson

Soundwalking: Follow your ears
by Gregg Wagstaff

Soundscape Composition and the Subversion of Electroacoustic Norms
by Andra McCartney

Try Looking through Both Eyes at the Same Time
by Michael Gogin

Listening to Radio Plays: Fictional Soundscapes
by Alan E. Beck

Radio Art Companion: CD Liner notes

Sign Waves Companion Booklet (June 2002)

by Nadene Thériault

Engaging the Visual and Auditory Senses
by Bentley Jarvis

Sound Installations: Altering the experience of space
by Darren Copeland

Without Beginning, Middle or End: Transforming sounds in motion
by David Eagle

Ambient Sound and Resonating Spaces
by Rob Godman

Evolving Creative Approaches and New Media Installations
by Tania Etienne

The I and the Ear: The Art of installations
by Nicholas Longstaff

inside the eye of silence
by vivienne spiteri & Rob Godman

Artist Biographies

Sound Travels 2002 (August–September)

Schedule of Events

Concert Program Notes

Artist Biographies

SOUNDPlay Festival (November 2002)

Mundus Imaginalis: Artistic Statement and Artist Biographies

Mundus Imaginalis is a collective formed to produce The Walls are Still Weeping, led by Scenographer and Producer Tania Etienne. The other artistic collaborators on the project are electroacoustic Sound Designer Darren Copeland, Interactive Design Engineer Jim Ruxton, New Media Program Designer Galen Scorer and Technical Director / Lighting Designer Laird MacDonald.

Evolving Creative Approaches and New Media Installations
by Tania Etienne

Artist Biographies

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