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Tell me about your soundwalk? ** You can read about Andra Mccartney's approach to soundwalking, and the equipment she uses, in a recent paper given at ISEA/INVENCAO in Sao Paolo Brazil. Read tips on how to do a soundwalk, by Hildegard Westerkamp. Listen to condensed sonic images and read an academic paper about Hildegard Westerkamp's approach to soundwalking and the soundwalk she and Andra did in Queen Elizabeth Park. This site has been part of some online art festivals and sound ecology research pages: WFAE Kid's Ear page * WFAE soundscape composers and recordists page * WFAE Ear Training Activities page Maid in Cyberspace Encore! * About Studio XX * I ask you online art event

Kitchener and Vancouver: Sound files are aiff with IMA 4:1 compression. Download times with a 56k modem range from one to three minutes. Chicago: MPEG [MP3] format, most under 400k, one @ 1 meg.   Lachine canal project

Kitchener Soundwalks at Open Ears Festival Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver with Hildegard Westerkamp Dallas Simpson Soundwalks Doug Samuel Gatineau Soundwalk Toby Morgan's soundwalks Richard Windeyer's downtown Toronto soundwalk

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