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Femmes en électroacoustique 2 / Women in Electroacoustics 2

Editoriale invité(e) / Guest Editorial

Women in Electroacoustics by Elainie Lillios

Comptes Rendus - In Review

Amanda Stewart: I/T Selected Poems by Warren Burt

Eliane Radigue: Trilogie de la mort by Warren Burt

Mary Lee Roberts: 6 Compositions by Warren Burt

Susan Frykberg: Astonishing Sense by Warren Burt

Annea Lockwood: Breaking the Surface by Warren Burt

Electroacoustic Music by Women Composers University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, USA, March 23 & 25, 1999 by Steven L. Makela


A Pedestrian's Response to Corporate Abuse by Sophia Male

Women in Music Technology in Higher Education in the UK by Lisa Whistlecroft

Musical structure, shifting perspectives and composition by Natasha Barrett

Articles de note - Articles of Note

Journal de bord d'une expédition aux antipodes by Ginette Bertrand

Genre et électroacoustique / Gender and Electroacoustics by Hannah Bosma

Où l'eau rencontre… / Where Water Meets by Andra McCartney

Un studio d'électroacoustique à soi / An Electroacoustic Studio of One's Own by Pascale Trudel

Extraits sonores - Sounds

In celebration of Women's History Month, March 1999 - Concert 1

In celebration of Women's History Month, March 1999 - Concert 2

Belinda — Melina Bondy

People — Melina Bondy

Crashes — Melina Bondy

The Event — Melina Bondy

The Resistance — Melina Bondy

The Resonance — Melina Bondy

VOJM — Adina Izarra

Night Ascends from the Ear like a Butterfly — Hideko Kawamoto

Battle for the Foreground (5:45) — Ann Lang

Threads — Elainie Lillios

Postmodernism: the perfect sense of nonsense (1999) — Sophia Male

Serpentina — Pippa Murphy

Light — Judith Taylor

My Peautiful Toastrack (1999) — Judith Taylor

The View — Judith Taylor

Plus d'extraits sonores - More Sounds

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