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Women in Electroacoustics 1

Still from Maggi Payne’s video work Liquid Metal (1994 / 11:49), for tape and video. Image © 1994 Maggi Payne.

The inaugural issue of eContact!, published by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) in 1998, shone the spotlight on then-current activities of several Canadian, American and European composers, performers, educators and researchers working in the international electroacoustic community. On the occasion of its 2022 reissue, we dedicate eContact! 1.1 to Andra McCartney (1955–2019), and Hannah Bosma contributes a Foreword.

About This Issue




Journal de bord d’une expédition aux antipodes : La création de la bande sonore de « Pôles »

Electroacoustic and multimedia composer Ginette Bertrand offers some reflections on her creative collaborative process for the hour-long, three-part musical component of Pôles, which she co-produced with PPS Danse in 1996.


Gender and Electroacoustics

Three distinct perspectives are explored by Hannah Bosma regarding the question of how feminism is to be understood within, can be implemented in and might help further the cause of our diverse field of electroacoustic practices.


Where Water Meets…

Three recent electroacoustic works, each relating to water in their own way, form a programme curated by Andra McCartney that intertwines reflections on soundscape and acoustic ecology and feminist theory.


An Electroacoustic Studio of One’s Own

It is now possible to follow Virginia Woolf’s advice to have a (technological) room of one’s own, thanks to the personal computer and the Internet, which open the door to a new independent way of creating and broadcasting art.


[CD] Anne LeBaron — The Musical Railism of Anne LeBaron (1995): … Salt and Honeybees…

by Andra McCartney

[CD] Wende Bartley — Claire-Voie (1994)

by Andra McCartney

[CD] Katharine Norman — London (1996)

by Darren Copeland

[CD] Pauline Oliveros — Alien Bog (1967) / Beautiful Soop (1966)

by Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner

[CD] Various — New Music for Electronic & Recorded Media: Women in Electronic Music 1977 (1997)

by Laurie Radford

[CD] Hildegard Westerkamp — Transformations (1996)

by Andra McCartney

Other Items

EA Voices 1

Andra McCartney, Monique Jean, Diana McIntosh, Pascale Trudel, Mara Zibens.

Works by some authors and/or artists in this issue can be heard in, the CEC’s online electroacoustic jukebox:

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