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EA Voices I

The works included here are part of the double-CD compilation PRESENCE (Productions Électro Productions [PeP 001], 1997).

Monique Jean — IF (1995 / 2:13)

Based on a found object-phrase, IF articulates in its form the paradoxical alloy of the spontaneity of the gesture the voice of the urban tag and time deceleration in contact with engraved writings behind closed doors.

Monique Jean is an acousmatic music composer. She is particularly interested in meaning/sound ambiguities in relation to image, movement and text. She is presently working on a multimedia work expected for September 1997.

Andra McCartney — Swimming the Reef (For Patrick) [1990–96 / 5:49]

Beneath the waves, I heard my breathing, heartbeat, pounding surf. The beautiful fish and coral were beyond my ears. This piece transforms their spoken names — tomtate, angelfish, barracuda, fan, brain — to mimic their movements, forms and colours. Surf recorded at Palmiste (Grenada) on All Soul’s Day, 1990.

Andra McCartney works primarily with recorded environmental and vocal sounds. She creates and performs multimedia pieces, and composes radio art, audio postcards and works for dance. Her piece Arcade ’94 appears on DISContact! II (CEC [95CD], 1995).

Diana McIntosh — Processions (1993 / 5:44), for piano and 2 digital delays

This excerpt from Diana McIntosh’s Processions, for piano and two digital delays, is part of Murkings, a dramatic multimedia piece for text, piano, electronics and visuals. It concerns our relationship with the environment, particularly the ongoing pollution of the Great Lakes. This performance is by the composer.

Dynamic and innovative Diana McIntosh has a unique and active career as a composer / pianist / multimedia performer. Her one-woman performances take her throughout Canada, to Europe and the USA. She has also written orchestral, chamber and vocal works. Her CD, Another Byte of McIntosh, showcases five of her original works.

Pascale Trudel — Flamingo! (1996 / 3:09)

Flamingo! is the second piece in a series about animals (and human beings) in cages and free, realized in 1996 with sounds recorded by the composer in zoos, parks, etc. The first piece of the series, Le poisson qui cache l’oiseau, appears on DISContact! II (CEC [95CD], 1995).

Pascale Trudel has been presenting her pieces since 1987 in concert, on the radio, on CD, as a soundtrack to an artist’s video and soon on the Internet. She has been composing her pieces in her own studio, Studio Dragon, since 1993.

Mara Zibens — Whiteout (1996 / 2:57)

The title Whiteout may perhaps refer to snow and blinding light and serves as a departure point for this sound/escape.

Mara Zibens is a self-taught composer living in Toronto. She was a member of the electroacoustic ensemble Tekst (1981–88) and has published a cassette of her solo work Trance Resistance (Underwhich Editions, 1986).

February 1998

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