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Diffusion multi-canal 2 / Multi-Channel Diffusion 2

An Extremely Brief History of Spatial Music in the 20th Century
by Richard Zvonar

An overview of key works of the past century which have forever changed the way space is used in the presentation of concert works. Naturally the changes were intimitely linked to the technologies of their era.

Vertex, une approche à l’installation-performance
par Andrew Watson et Nicolas Basque

Vertex est un projet d’improvisation électroacoustique utilisant une configuration de multi haut-parleurs. Le projet est flexible, sa présentation variant selon le contexte de la performance, qui va d’une présentation de concert « traditionelle » à l’installation.

Vertex, an Approach to Performance-Installation
by Andrew Watson and Nicolas Basque

The Vertex project is based in electronic improvisation and uses a multi-speaker setup for its presentation. The project is flexible and its presentation varies according to the performance context, which range from traditional concert presentations to installations.

M2 Diffusion: The Live diffusion of sound in space
by Adrian Moore, Dave Moore and James Mooney

Installed at the University of Sheffield Sound Studios (USSS), the M2 system is a system intended for the presentation of stereo works over a configurable multi-speaker diffusion system.

A History of Spatial Music: Historical antecedents from Renaissance antiphony to strings in the wings
by Richard Zvonar

Mention of a few historical antecedents precludes a discussion of a few of the more common and familiar tactics to using space in the presentation of Western art music are discussed, from EA concert music to multimedia and other “art environments” to quadrophony and multi-channel diffusion.

Présentation des œuvres électroacoustiques sur des systèmes multi haut-parleurs / Presentation of Electroacoustic Works on Multi-Speaker Systems
by Nicolas Basque et Andrew Watson

The authors ask different composers about their thoughts on the multi-speaker presentation of electroacoustic works, touching also on issues of the use of space in concert diffusion, or sound projection.

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