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Charles Nichols - Posture

Program Notes

Posture, for quadraphonic computer-generated sound, was realized for choreography composed by Amy Ragsdale and danced by the Montana Transport Company. The source material for the piece includes violin, voice, and metal sounds, that were granulated to generate new timbres. When granulating these source soundfiles, the amplitude envelope, duration, starting sample, density, and pitch of the grains were varied over time, within the granulated timbre and over the course of the evolution of these timbres throughout the piece. The resultant sounds were used as motivic material, matched to gestures performed by the dancers, to create a musical structure that mirrored the organization of the choreography. The quadraphonic spatialization was also approached motivically, with each timbre moving in a particular trajectory, and the placement and speed of each type of spatial movement evolving throughout the piece, producing a spatial separation and dynamic interplay between the independently moving sounds.

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