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Chin-Chin Chen - So Lonely Blooming

Program Notes

So Lonely Blooming is the second piece by Chin-Chin Chen, which uses a text drawn from the opening of the Sirens chapter of Ulysses by James Joyce. With the text being read by Teri Richardson, the piece alternates sections of identifiable texts and those of abstract sounds. Canonic sound forms are embedded in the piece, reflecting Joyce's fugal textures implied in the chapter. This work exists as a 2-channel piece, and 8-channel piece, and a piece for the Butterfly Installation Instrument, a 10-channel sound installation, created by Kevin Austin. The 2-channel version provides an intensive listening with sound motion in a stereo field. The 8-channel version allows greater independency to the sounds with dialogs of sounds between speakers being present once in a while. The version for the Butterfly Installation Instrument offers the piece its greatest flexibility and unpredictability.


Chin-Chin Chen, composer and teacher of composition, electroacoustics, theory, and music technology. Her recent composition interest is in writing a series of solo instrument/voice and ea works, and in composing pieces for Chinese instruments or setting music to ancient Chinese poems. Ms. Chen's electroacoustic works have been recognized in competitions, such as the Concorso Internazionale Luigi Russolo in Varese , Italy , and Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Elettronica "Pierre Schaeffer". Her compositions have received performances and broadcasts internationally and throughout the United States.

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