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Route Canal Diary

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Route Canal Diary
Kent Sparling
The Combine OOCM-471

27 i 1998

Route Canal Diary

Kent Sparling's offering is smooth. Dreamy volutes of vibrations emanate from my speakers. Low grooves that reaches revved-up lymphatic speed; this is the general feel spanning the six tracks, all solo compositions but for one where Jefrey Fosters takes cares of some languid loops. Could be the speed of light? Could be it turns you blind to the outside world, and takes you in his twirly world. K.S. uses analog synth and a variety of instruments, as well as some (credited) source recordings to paint quirky atmospheres with an unreal and distant/ghostly presence. The pieces unfold as a story-telling tapestry, his compositional approach stitches them apart. This is a unified CD that is well served by the title: the entries in this diary go deeper as the CD progresses. A pleasant journey of organic nature.

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