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Interview with Matt Rogalsky, Canadian Composer

Humanizing inhumane spaces

In summer 2015, Michael Palumbo interviewed artists involved with the 9th Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium and the 17th edition of the Sound Travels festival for Making Waves, a radio programme on sound art produced by New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) for WGXC at the Wave Farm in Acra, New York. Palumbo speaks with Matt Rogalsky about his upcoming performance in Sound Travels Concert #1 “Unstable Rationality” on 20 August 2015. This interview originally aired on the 8 August 2015 broadcast of Making Waves.


Matt Rogalsky works in sonic arts with a focus on live electroacoustic music performance, intermedia installation, and the study and recreation of late-20th century live electronic music works by other composers, particularly David Tudor. His installation work has most recently been shown at the inaugural Asunción Bienale in Paraguay, the Université de Laval Gallery, the Electric Eclectics Festival, Supercrawl and Mercer Union. He is also known for his sound recording and production with a wide range of artists under the name Memory Device, including several Juno- and Polaris Prize-nominated albums. As a sound designer and mix engineer, he has worked with experimental filmmaker Gary Kibbins and installation artist Lynne Marsh. He is part of the collective that produces Kingston’s annual Tone Deaf Festival of adventurous sound performance. Rogalsky holds a BA from Simon Fraser University, an MA from Wesleyan University and a PhD from London’s City University, and teaches at Queen’s University, where he is Director of the Sonic Arts Studio.

Audio transcript (0:00–24:34) of Michael Palumbo’s 2015 interview with Matt Rogalsky about his upcoming performance of Navigating The Pen during the 17th Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art.

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