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Jeu de temps / Times Play 2012 (JTTP 2012)

Cache 2012

CD Compilation “Cache 2012”

The CEC is pleased to announce that the following works have been selected by the international jury to appear on the Cache 2012 CD compilation highlighting this year’s JTTP project (in alphabetical order):

  1. David Arango Valencia — To Foglets (11:13 / 2012)
  2. Adam Basanta — Three Myths of Liberalism (17:34 / 2012)
  3. Guillaume Cliche — Tape (7:40 / 2011)
  4. Matthew Schoen — Release (7:18 / 2012)
  5. Jullian Hoff — Chants migratoires (10:10 / 2012)

About / À propos de Cache

Cache provides a unique opportunity for young and emerging composers in Canada to rapidly gain important international exposure in a variety of contexts. Promotional distribution of Cache by the CEC results in numerous international radio broadcasts (with simultaneous webcasts), concert play (also with webcast) and exposure to a select group of individuals and institutions involved in the support and promotion of electroacoustics on an international level. There are few examples — on a national or international level — of such a degree and quality of sustained and dedicated support as the CEC offers to young and emerging composers through the Cache CD series.

Where to Buy / En vente chez…

Cache is available for sale at DIFFUSION i MéDIA.

Acknowledgements / Remerciements

Thanks to the PeP team, the SOCAN Foundation and to DIFFUSION i MéDIA for continued project support.

Merci à l’équipe de PeP, à la Fondation SOCAN et à DIFFUSION i MéDIA pour leur contribution et support.

Fondation SOCAN Foundation

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