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Welcome to the third issue of eContact! on Women in Electroacoustics. Upon review of the first two issues dealing with this topic, what is immediately evident is the departure this third one takes; a departure that is in keeping with the continued maturity of feminist and queer theory as a discipline in general and its relationship to electroacoustic music composition in particular.

Feminist Theory in general and its relevance to electroacoustic music in particular has definitely “grown up”. With this issue, we depart from the usual format of shorter commentary and reviews with many musical selections. What you will find here is a compendium of recent significant studies and events focusing on gender and music technology. From new studies by myself and Hannah Bosma, to reports of discussions of gender and technology from recent and upcoming conferences and evidence of the presentation of women’s electroacoustic music in a variety of settings and circumstances, this eContact! provides what I hope readers will agree is a wealth of resources and ideas that go far beyond the notion of “concerts of women’s music” and begins to explore the implications of gender and life experiences to the creation of art. Please also note the previews of upcoming publications and events in this area of study which are are offered here.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from this issue of eContact! and that it opens your ears, eyes, and mind to new ways of thinking and teaching and writing and doing.

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner
Denton, Texas
Winter 2005

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