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In and Out of the Sound Studios Conference

Credits and photos

Conference Introduction by Andra McCartney, translated by Claire Piché. Recorded by Owen Chapman, edited by Andrea-Jane Cornell. Duration: 12:40
Hanna Bosma during the Conference
“A Distant Silence” by Owen Chapman & Andrea-Jane Cornell. An audio work recorded, edited and diffused during the conference, with the voices of various conference speakers. Duration: 2:23
Création Radiophonique by Andrea-Jane Cornell. An audio documentary featuring the words and work of Chantal Dumas. Duration: 21:19

Dr. Andra McCartney (Concordia University) is the principal researcher for the In and Out of the Studio research project, which focuses on the working practices of women sound producers and artists in Canada.

Lisa Gasior is a research assistant for Dr. Andra McCartney and a teacher's assistant in sound production at Concordia.

Chantal Dumas gives a lecture at the Conference

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