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The intention of the EMS, since its creation, has been to provide state of the art facilities for electroacoustic music composition, research, and teaching.

The Queen's Electroacoustic Music Studios were founded in 1970 by David Keane, who remained Director of the EMS until 1997. In 1973 the studios moved into the newly opened Harrison Lecaine Building, where they are still currently housed.

Composers from Queen's Electroacoustic Music Studios have a significant role in developing electroacoustic music in Canada and in establishing Canada's considerable international profile in the field. Faculty and graduates from Queen's who have contributed significantly to the field of electroacoustic music include Hugh Lecaine, Istvan Anhalt, David Keane, Bruce Pennycook, Keith Hamel, Barry Truax, William Buxton, Kristi Allik, and Kirk Elliot. Both faculty and students have been the recipients of many international awards in electroacoustic music and in integrated media and multimedia works, including the Bourges (GMEB) and Prix Ars Electronica prizes. Since its creation, the EMS has hosted a number of national and international music events; as well, internationally known composers and researchers have accepted invitations to work at the EMS. Thus, the Queen's Electroacoustic Music Studios continue to have a high profile both nationally and internationally as well as providing a valuable service to the School of Music and to the Queen's University community.


Resources of the EMS

Currently the EMS consists of four separate studios. The purposes for Studio A include live performance resources, sound editing and general electroacoustic music composition. Studios B and C are considered to be studios for novice users, and provide the main technical facilities for the teaching of the introductory electroacoustic composition music courses. Studio D is the advanced users' studio and is the primary facility for upper year and graduate students as well as for faculty and guest composers.


Electroacoustic Music Composition (Introductory) This is a course dedicated to electroacoustic music composition. The main focus of the course is the production of electroacoustic music by students, using the studio facilities provided by the School of Music. Course content includes lectures on technical, aesthetic and compositional issues of electroacoustic music, as well as practical work in the studios such as in-class assignments and workshops. Students are expected to produce electroacoustic music compositions on a weekly or biweekly basis, and are expected to perform some of their compositions in a concert venue.

Upper Year Electroacoustic Composition Courses

The School of Music curriculum offers courses in upper year electroacoustic composition for students who have completed the introductory courses in electroacoustic music or the equivalent. These courses allow students to meet with the instructor in small groups. As well, all composition students meet once a week in order to participate in a composition pro-seminar or technical seminar with composition faculty and other electroacoustic music composition students.

Students enrolled in upper year electroacoustic composition courses are required to work on several compositions per term. The students are required to perform at least one of their compositions per term at a Mosaic concert or similar venue.


Other courses offered include : "Computers in Multimedia" and "Science and Technology of Music".


Mosaic Concerts

The School of Music hosts the Mosaic concert series that consists of approximately five to eight concerts per academic year. The purpose of the Mosaic concert series is to feature both Queen's student and faculty composers' compositions. This venue provides an excellent opportunity for students enrolled in electroacoustic composition courses to present their works to a larger audience. The concert series also provides students the opportunity to learn more about the technical processes involved in setting up for and performing electroacoustic compositions in a concert venue.

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Other Electroacoustic Music and Multimedia Events

Queen's University School of Music continues to host and to participate in numerous concerts, conferences, festivals and other special events pertaining to electroacoustic music and multimedia. These events involve students, staff and faculty from Queen's University as well as from participating universities and similar institutions.

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