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6:33 - 1997

"Cannie " (for Joe)

This is primarily a sample piece using a lot of small samples and a minimum of processing techniques. It is very analogue and human - full of recognisable pieces.

Inspired by the death of my grandfather (who taught me to listen and be precise and thoughtful), and the environments we lived in when I was young (especially the Mallee country of Victoria, Australia).

Program Notes (these works were composed in 1997, whilst studying for Grad. Dip. Electronic Arts (Music), ACAT)

Lea Collins has a background in radio, live audio production, theatre sound design, contemporary music performance and audio training. She began studying electroacoustic composition with David Worrall, Tim Kreger and Warren Burt in 1994 and completed a Graduate Diploma in Electronic Arts (Music) at the Australian Centre for Arts and Technology (ACAT) at the Australian National University in Canberra in 1997.

She attended the Melbourne Next Wave Festivals' Computer Music Workshops (presented by Curtis Roads) in 1998, had work presented as part of Live Wires in 1998, (new music concert series in Sydney) and the 1998 Australasian Computer Music Association's Annual Conference (ACMC) and was a participant in "Anamorphosis" the Australian Network for Arts and Technology's (ANAT's) 1999 Summer School on Art and Science. Lea continues her collaborative work with theatre practitioners and visual artists, whilst continuing to establish a home studio, live audio production and teach audio courses.

Contact details

Lea Collins
GPO Box 2786
Canberra City
ACT 2601
Tel: +61 2 6257 6044

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