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Andrew Brouse

See also Andrew Brouse’s article published in English and French in this issue of eContact!: “A Young Person’s Guide to Brainwave Music: Forty years of audio from the human EEG” / “Petit guide de la musique des ondes cérébrales : Quarante années de recherche et d’expérimentation.”


Video play
Andrew Brouse — Conversation (2003 / 12:01). With Maxime Rioux and Nicolas Stirling. Performed by Andrew Brouse during NIME 2003 (New Instruments for Musical Expression) at McGill University’s Pollack Hall in Montréal on 23 May 2003.


Video play
Andrew Brouse — Revelation (2004 / 5:39), a piece in which human and plant biological signals are used to control the sound and video synthesis for the performance. Performed by. Andrew Brouse during The Home Show III at Montréal’s Studio 303 in February 2004.

Music for Solo Performer (Alvin Lucier)

Video play
Video 3 (4:25). Andrew Brouse performing a re-interpretation of Alvin Lucier’s famous sound piece for human brainwaves, Music for Solo Performer (1965). This interpretation was done directly from the poetic score, the performer never having heard or seen the original music performance. Audification by Automates Ki: Maxime Rioux. Video Production: César Saez. Inspiration: Alvin Lucier.

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