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Interview with Phil Kline


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Composer and performer. Interviewed at his office in New York City, 4 February 2010.


Phil Kline is a unique artist whose work employs music in many mediums and contexts, ranging from experimental electronics, performance art and sound installations to songs, choral, theatre and chamber music. His earliest compositions grew out of his work as a solo performance artist and often used boombox tape players as a medium. The walking sound sculpture Unsilent Night debuted in Greenwich Village in 1992, morphed into an annual event and in 2007 was presented in 26 cities around the world. Recent works include the song cycles Zippo Songs and Fear and Loathing, as well as the music theatre piece Locus Solus and a full-length choral Mass, John the Revelator. His music is available on the Cantaloupe label.

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