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Interview with jef chippewa


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Composer and Administrative co-Director of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC). Interviewed at Sebastian Berweck’s studio in Berlin, 18 January 2010.


Canadian composer jef chippewa is particularily interested in questions of cultural awareness and identity in regards to the composer’s responsibility in inheriting or appropriating cultural heritage. Understanding the impossibility of definitive articulation or comprehension of cultural identity does not justify conscious ignorance of any of its aspects. Nor does it excuse irresponsibility in cultural appropriation, and this applies equally to the appropriation of one’s “own” culture (cultural heritage) as to that of another culture or sub-culture (“external influences”).

His compositions have been heard in such concert series and festivals as EuCuE, Darmstadt, FUTURA, Inventionen, ISCM, MANTIS and Visiones Sonores and performed by groups such as ensemble recherche and asamisimasa. He is currently completing work on a new composition commissioned by Berlin-based Trio Nexus.

Since 2005, he is the Administrative co-Director of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, Canada’s national association for electroacoustic music.

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