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JTTP 2009

Timo RUTTKAMP — Snapshots (24:35 / 2008)

Snapshots is a collection of 25 electronic pieces (stereo), each piece with a duration of exactly 59 seconds. It is planned as a work in progress, finally including 59 pieces in future times. Each performance of snapshots can and should be different concerning amount and order of the pieces. The order may but need not to be chosen by random operations. Furthermore, Snapshots can also be “performed” as a kind of sound installation, maybe in a multimedial context. The very different pieces are built with synthetic and concrete sound material of various sources and their different characters reach from abstract to emotional, playful, gestural and theatrical.

Snapshot 01

Snapshot 02

Snapshot 03

Snapshot 04

Snapshot 05

Snapshot 06

Snapshot 07

Snapshot 08

Snapshot 09

Snapshot 10

Snapshot 11

Snapshot 12

Snapshot 13

Snapshot 14

Snapshot 15

Snapshot 16

Snapshot 17

Snapshot 18

Snapshot 19

Snapshot 20

Snapshot 21

Snapshot 22

Snapshot 23

Snapshot 24

Snapshot 25

Concordia University / Université Concordia

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