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Kwik Picks 07

Some Recent Additions to

Another wide range of pieces to delectate upon. Diversity between composers and (mostly) similarity within each composer’s pieces — except for the wide-ranging Camel. From the vaults, a gift from Koenig.

MIDI piano, MIDIstration, modular synthesis, acousmatic and reflective soundscape; they’re all here to hear.

Ragnar Grippe | Gottfried Michael Koenig | James Wyness | Massimo Biasioni | Marco Tentori | Arno Camel | Hector Centeno | Vincent Bergeron | Ivan Elezovic

Ragnar Grippe

Conversation (1985) — 29:40

Keywords: synclavier, linear narrative collage

A sectional, linear narrative collage of (keyboard) synths (synclavier!), synth sounds, reverbs & fx, and voice. The composer plays a solo cello melody towards the end.

So Be It (2000) — 11:02

Keywords: linear, narrative, synth, reverbs & fx

A sectional, linear collage with most sounds produced by synths (virtual perhaps), and processed by a large number of plug-ins.

Vox Altra (2008) — 13:26

Keywords: collage narrative, synth, vocoder, reverbs & fx

A sectional, linear quasi-collage of synth sounds, voice and instruments extensively treated with plug-ins.

The Road (2007) — 15:00

Keywords: collage, narrative, processed voice, synths, reverbs & fx

Sectional and narrative with vocal processing as a major component. Lots of synths! Sit back. Go along for the ride.

Gottfried Michael Koenig

Projekt 1 — Version 3 (1967) — 17:06

Keywords: computer generated composition

A rare recording of a piece, the notes of which were generated by a computer. On the long-term, a relatively static stochastic surface; from moment to moment, in states of continuous transition.

James Wyness

… dévoiler … déplier … (2007) — 11:32

Keywords: high acousmatic

High acousmatic transformation and flows into, out of, around and inside the folding and unfolding mind.

Massimo Biasioni

Con l’arco (2007) — 10:00

Keywords: exploration of the object, granulation, time stretching

A largely monophonic (even in stereo), somewhat unigestural linear study in the possibilities of granulation of a low violin grrtch. Shifts of focus achieved through processing and reverbs.

L’amour outragé (2006) — 10:01

Keywords: exploration of the object, granulation, time stretching

A phrase from a singer, fragmented, sliced diced and rotated in many directions, in a range of basic gestural figures, within a broadly linear narrative context. Gradual shifts of focus achieved through processing and reverbs.

Marco Tentori

White Noise (2007) — 07:10

Keywords: white noise study

Noise, filtered, enveloped, shaped, re-enveloped, shaped, gestured, reverb’ed. Listen carefully and wait through the silences.

Syntesis Sounds (2007) — 09:08

Keywords: concrete study

Using non-concrete sources — oscillators & noise, the sounds are largely handled as sound-objects in this largely monophonically textured linear study. Amplitude and reverb used to create perspective and proximity.

Arno Camel

Dream Of the Gong-Fermor (2007) — 05:42

Keywords: collage, modular synthesis

A linear, narrative layered study using sound objects created in a modular synthesis-type environment. Reverb rather than space. No information on the composition provided by the composer. There’s talent here, but… blocked by attitude.

Coming In To Land On Your Head (2007) — 11:09

Keywords: collage study of semi-repeating objects

Study in layered sounds, possibly modular-synthesis type. Layered. Reverb rather than space, possibly mastered with headphones — try them to hear the difference.

On Saying Goodbye — 09:49

Keywords: residue sounds

Collage of processed residues and trimmings. Could be so-o-o-o good.

The Burnt Axon Picnic Club — 11:04

Keywords: narrative, collage of instrumental cast-offs

Quasi-synthetic strings in free open soliloquy lead to other detritus explorations. Good ideas obscured by technical deficiencies.

The Jig Is Up (2000) — 07:31

Keywords: plundercollage/quotation

The Irish Washerwoman in Wonderland. Technical obfuscation.

Hector Centeno

What is it? (2007) — 09:24

Keywords: extended soundscape

Well listened (in)to. Subtle control speaks without wasted time and energy. Resonances heard more clearly through careful placements and layering.

Hwadu (2006) — 05:52

Keywords: exploration of the object; resonances

A slow moving exploration of two sounds; quiet, meditative, thoughtful.

Bell (2005) — 15:27

Keywords: exploration of the object

Thoughtful linear narrative of exploring metal resonances.

Vincent Bergeron

Réveil des… / Awakening of the… (2007) — 06:12

Keywords: song

Voice with distorted looped instrumental accompaniment.

Child Traumatismes (2007) — 06:32

Keywords: song

Voice with distorted looped instrumental accompaniment.

Ivan Elezovic

Dialogue (2007) — 06:30

Keywords: MIDI

An often fragmented “klangfarben” approach MIDI-piano.

Kevin Austin
Montreal, 29–V–2008

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