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Focus on Institutions

A column about past, present and future ongoings in international electroacoustic and related institutions.

Launched in eContact! 11.2 — Figures canadiennes / Canadian Figures (July 2009), this eContact! column gives background and information on the activities in various international electroacoustic and related institutions: schools, conservatories, studios, artist centres and more. The authors provide historical information, including important dates, notable events and people, as well as present projects and future plans.

If you are interested in contributing a “Focus on Institutions” article to a future issue of eContact! please contact the Editors.


Concordia University (Montréal) by Kevin Austin (eContact! 11.2, July 2009)

Offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with a Major or Minor in Electroacoustic Studies.


IEM — Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (Graz, Austria) by Winfried Ritsch and IOhannes m zmölnig (eContact! 11.3, September 2009)

A key research and development centre, teaching environment and concert space. A traditional studio that has developed into an important open source environment that develops many of its own tools

Folkwang University: Development of Electronic Music and the ICEM — Institut für Computermusik und Elektronische Medien (Essen, Germany) by Thomas Neuhaus (eContact! 12.4, August 2010)

From early live-electronics to research, teaching and support in electronic music, moving images and other artistic applications of electronic media. A Bachelor and Master of Music in Integrative Composition are offered.


Sharing the Source: A very brief history of computing at CCRMA (Stanford CA, USA) by Fernando López-Lezcano (eContact! 11.3, September 2009)

A very short history of computing at CCRMA and some comments on how and why open source played and plays a very important part in its computing environment.

Latin America

Centro Mexicano para la Música y Artes Sonoras (CMMAS): The Dilemma of Continuance in Mexico (Morelia, Mexico) by Rodrigo Sigal (eContact! 12.4, August 2010)

The only publicly funded institution in Mexico devoted to fostering research, education, promotion and creation of all aspects of sound and technology, CMMAS offers residencies and courses, and coordinates the Visiones Sonoras festival.

Several more are under way and will be published in upcoming issues of eContact!, so stay tuned!

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