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Support letter

Montreal, February 12, 2001

Ms. Micheline Lesage Canada Council for the Arts

Dear Micheline:

I take the initiative of writing to the Canada Council to express my support for requests for funding for the Canadian Electroacoustic Community. I truly believe that their organization deserves financial support from organizations like the CC. The organizing of several electroacoustic festivals that took place in different cities within Canada, efforts toward the preservation of the [electroacoustic] cultural heritage of our country, and the ongoing series of recordings of compact discs are among its most important contributions to our national cultural life. The attention given by the CEC to the work of young and emerging composers, and the wide diffusion of recorded materials via broadcasts in Canada and many other countries are equally important. These activities of the CEC leave a traceable trail, comprising a library of sonic documents that can be of service to present and future audiences, and to many researchers interested in the field. It is with pride that we can recognize how highly the international community regards electroacoustic music coming from Canada. Much of that is due to the contributions of the CEC. It is with pride as an honorary member of the CEC that I give my unconditional support for their request for financial assistance.

alcides lanza Director McGill EMS

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