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Jeu de temps / Times Play

Welcome to Times/Play 2000.

Between October 1999 and January 2000, 37 pieces from young and emerging sound artists living in Canada were submitted to the CEC for a multi-level project which involved concerts, CD production, and the Jeu de temps / Times Play competition.

The composers and sound artists were nominated by members of the electroacoustic community and requested to submit works of durations shorter than seven minutes.

Submissions were played in concerts, webcast via live streaming, and presented to the public on the CEC's website, as well as juried by an international panel of composers and sound artists. (Submitted works of durations greater than seven minutes were played in concert and appear on the website only.)

Of the 27 pieces which the jury saw, these top five were selected for the Jeu de temps / Times Play Awards:

1 - Le diable au teint orageux / Nicolas Borycki
2 - Gathering / David Berezan
3 - Corporation / Mathieu Marcoux
4 - Running - Dawn: Microcosm / David Berezan
5 - Burdizzo / Mark J. Hannesson

As well as this, the public selected Burdizzo by Mark J. Hannesson in the Prix du Public section of the Awards.

From the jury scores generated by the Jeu de temps / Times Play Awards the top 14 rated composers have a piece each on the Cache CD.

The jury period was from February 3, 2000 to February 21, 2000. The Prix du Public period was from February 22, 2000 to March 7, 2000.

The CD Cache is available from the CEC.

About this project's support: In conjunction with Concordia University, the SOCAN Foundation, the Canada Council for the Arts, Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal, participating awards partners and the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC), this project aims to present works from young and emerging sound artists in concert, on CD, and on the web.

Concordia University / Université Concordia

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