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Photos from the Symposium

by Kevin Austin

Click on any photo to enlarge it and open the media player. Then use the “forward” and “backwards” buttons or left/right arrows to scroll through the photos. Press “p” on the keyboard (or “play” on the screen) to view the pictures as a slide show, and use the spacebar to stop. Press the “escape” button (or “close” on the screen) to exit the player and return to the thumbnail index.

Darren Copeland, Jason Stanford David Ogborn Darren Copeland, Nadene Thériault-Copeland Leonardo Secco Annette Vande Gorne, David Ogborn Those registered for TES in a listening session Annette Vande Gorne Fiona Ryan Robert Normandeau Benjamin Thigpen Nadene Thériault-Copeland, Hilary Martin Freida Abtan Jeffrey Haas TES participants listening to Jeffrey Haas Krista Martynes, Julien-Robert Legault Salvail Benjamin Bolden Simon Kilshaw Eldad Tsabary Salmon Bakht Ken Gregory Tech set-up at Loop Studio for TES Darren Copeland complete with hat Viv Corringham Stephen Kilpatrick Jason Stanford Adam Scott Neal John Gibson Gustav Ciamaga, Arne Eigenfeldt Carey Dodge, James Bailey Viv Corringham in the covered street Barn waiting for the concert to begin in the Loop Theatre (at the Artscape Wychwood Barns) Audience member + Jason Stanford + Adam Scott Neal + Jean Piché + Jeffrey Haas David Ogborn

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