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The CEC’s online journal of electroacoustics was launched in May 1998 as the successor to the print journal, Contact! (1988–97), and is published four times a year. Each issue focusses on a particular theme or topic, and Guest Editors have been invited to coordinate one issue per year since eContact! 7.x (2004–05). Articles, reviews, interviews, commentaries and analyses are featured in the journal, often supported by audio and video files. All issues are freely available to the public.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to the CEC members, everybody on PeP, Jean-François Denis and DIFFUSION i MéDIA, as well as all the artists who have worked on these projects.

Editors : Ian Chuprun (1997–2005), Yves Gigon (1997–), jef chippewa (2005–)

Webmaster: Yves Gigon | Programming: Max Stein

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